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He’s Addicted to Porn

My boyfriend is addicted to porn Is this normal for my boyfriend to look at porn? By Lauren (via Facebook) I have been struggling a lot recently coming to terms with the fact my boyfriend watches porn. He assures me it’s a normal thing for guys to do, and that...

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Going back to a rebound relationship

Will a guy ever go back to a rebound relationship? The dynamics of rebound relationships By Eve H. (Via Facebook) “Hello! so I’ve been reading so many articles and talked to friends, searched high and low, and genuinely need some advice. I was hooking up with a guy for around...

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Woman Looking for a Man

Where to start when you’re a woman looking for a man How to find a guy By Tiffany S. (via Facebook) “I’m a woman looking for a man but I have no idea where to start. I just recently got out of a 20 year marriage and you can pretty...

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What Does it Mean When He Ignores Me?

He Ignores Me He acts like he wants me then disappears Sarah (via Facebook) I need advice… I’m dating a military man who’s been the best person I’ve dated since my divorce three years ago. I have three boys and had to divorce due to him being physically abusive to...

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Why can’t he trust me?

Why can’t he trust me? Why does my husband think I’m cheating on him? Melissa (Massachusetts, USA) I got married to the man of my dreams… at least for a little while! It’s been four years now and I have been completely faithful to my husband the entire time. I...

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Is he worth dating? 10 ways to tell…

Is he worth dating? 10 ways to tell if he will be a good boyfriend… “How do I know if a guy is worth dating?” What does he tell you about getting into a relationship? It’s so common for women to meet a man who tells her that he doesn’t...

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His friends are women

How am I supposed to feel when his friends are women? Ginger, 50, dietitian (New England) I have been seeing a man since I was divorced 18 months ago. We are both in our early 50’s. I have known this man (never married, no children) for over 21 years. We...

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Has he lost interest in dating me?

Has he lost interest in dating me? Seeker, Business Owner (Charlotte, NC) I met a guy through some mutual friends a little over a year ago. The first time we talked on the phone, he invited me to his brother’s wedding. I didn’t feel comfortable going since we had never...

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I’m still grieving over my ex

I’m still grieving over my ex by Laura L. (Florida, USA) I had a 3 year relationship with this guy who treated me badly and was abusive because he used to be an abused child himself. But since I had a low self esteem and my own issues when I...

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Rekindling after all these years

Rekindling after all these years Reimi Japan After deep thinking, I decided to look for somewhere to share my story not much to get advised but mostly to share. To say it out and see what your dear readers would think of it… I’ve always believed only in my way...

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He left his child to be with me

He left his child to be with me Valerie Norfolk, UK My partner and I met when we were 17. We were both each other’s first loves. Thing didn’t work out perfectly so I split up from him a year later, then moved away. What I didn’t know is that he had...

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I am your husband’s mistress

I am your husband’s mistress Laurene S. Ansonia, Connecticut I am your husband’s mistress. We do love each other. Not intentionally, but we do. You were once suspicious, and we stopped. For only a short time, and started to see each other again. This has been going on for 4...

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Sending Mixed Signals

Sending Mixed Signals by Sara (Charlotte, NC USA) We have dated before in the past and remained friends for two years. He’s changed so much: almost 360. As soon as we start to get close this time around (dating) he pulls back. One week, he’s super sweet and kind of...

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A reader asks the question: "My boyfriend recently had a child with his ex but we decided to continue with our relationship however he's very excited about being a father and he shared every detail with me and I don't know how to be receptive of this...I myself don't have a child and I'm trying to be as supportive as I can but I just don't know how to treat the situation."

Got any advice for her? Have you dealt with this in your relationship?
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